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The Los Angeles Riots

(Three Decades of Revolution)

The Los Angeles Riots: Three Decades of Revolution, is the first and most comprehensive oral history of experience and viewpoints on civil unrest, centered around one of the most violent outbreaks of domestic civil unrest in recent history–The LA Riots of 1992.

The civil unrest that marred this nation and the world in ’92 was a slow building storm fueled by the same conditions that sparked rioting in the sixties–poor housing and high unemployment, and poor treatment from police.

This in-depth study of rioting in America and retrospective includes essays by Los Angeles Mayor James K. Hahn, Public Enemy’s Chuck D. Comedian Paul Mooney, Bo Taylor (Organizer of the LA gang truce), “Sweet” Alice Harris (the “mother” of Watts), Pat Moore (former Compton City councilwoman), Angela Leisure (the mother of Timothy Thomas, a young man who was gunned down in 2001 by police in Cincinnati, Ohio, sparking riots in that city), and a host of activists, cops, politicians and average citizens as well as Henry Keith “Kee Kee” Watson, one of a group now known as The LA Four, prosecuted for involvement in the beating of Reginald Denny. James conducted research into America’s history of riots with surprising and interesting results.

The Los Angeles Riots: Three Decades of Revolution covers such infamous riots as The 1923 Rosewood, Florida Riots, the 1921 “Black Wall Street Riot,” The “Zoot Suit Riots” of 1942 and 1919’s “Red Summer,” named for the bloody race riots that ran through the nation in more than twenty-five cities following World War II.

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